What Is A Crusader?

crusaderpic_medCrusading is a valiant activity exemplified by spiritual zealousness, belief,  and most especially, faith. A mention of crusading almost immediately conjures up images of stalwart and courageous individuals engaged in heroic struggles, battling in the name of the faith. This image is now invariably associated with you because you are indeed Crusaders. You are valiant and unique men and women who are bonded by your love and belief in Mater Dei Catholic High School.

About 800 years ago, thousands of individuals gave up their livelihoods to fight for Christ and the Holy Lands. They endured a multitude of hardships, but they never lost sight of their goal. They had faith in God and belief in themselves. Successful in their mission, they set a precedent that would continue to be followed for centuries to come. Their desire and spirit would outlive them, but the memory of their deeds would never be forgotten. It would burn in the hearts of others who were desirous of pursuing their faith and living in the image of these exemplary men under the guidance of Christ. You have been chosen to be a Crusader – to live as a role-model for others and to distinguish yourself, your values and your principles from your peers. Your mission is to be a Crusader – to believe in yourself and to put your goals, aspirations and faith to the test each and every day.

Mater Dei Catholic High School has chosen all of you to represent the Christian ideals and goals on which this school was founded. Mater Dei is your school and you can take pride in the fact that you are a Mater Dei Catholic High School Crusader! When you step onto your campus, when you wear your school uniform, or the Mater Dei blue and gold at athletic events, when you go anywhere, remember that you are a Mater Dei Catholic Crusader and you represent your school.

Being an exemplary Crusader will involve a great deal of commitment, devotion, and sacrifice. The commitment will not only be to yourself, but it will be a commitment to the excellent standard of Mater Dei’s values and those of Catholic education. You must devote your time and effort in your pursuit of this standard. It often involves sacrifice. The sacrifice may be in the form of a time commitment, hard work and pushing yourself to the limit. At the end of your four years at Mater Dei Catholic High School, you will be proud of your accomplishments and the school that you helped to shape. You and your unique personality will contribute to the character of Marian, like no other person can. Your love for God and school, and most of all, your desire to be a role-model like Jesus Christ, will contribute to the character of Mater Dei. YOU make the difference! You will be amazed at the awesome opportunities you are capable of creating and executing.

You are an incredible group of students and your talents and possibilities are endless. The work you do in these short years will benefit you for a lifetime. Not only will you generate special memories, you will also develop in yourself a sense of accomplishment and a multitude of skills. Don’t ever forget that you are a Mater Dei Catholic High School Crusader, and above all, a Christian individual whose life and character will shape the way you live and contribute to making Mater Dei Catholic an awesome and dynamic school!

-Dr. Estelle L. Kassebaum